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Founded in Melbourne, Australia. Villager engineers premium, protective & intuitive equipment & apparel to elevate the way we game.

We have been gamers our whole lives. To us, gaming is not a trend or a passing phase; it is a part of us and our lifestyle. When the Nintendo Switch was released, we were so excited for the next generation of portable gaming and to be able to experience it while we commuted for work, sat in bed or traveled.

Amongst the excitement however, we felt something was missing. While we love Mario and Pokémon, we wanted gaming accessories that fit in with out day to day wardrobe. We figured if we wanted it others would need it as well, so we created it!



When we were designing the 3UP, our major consideration beyond a minimal, timeless silhouette was durability and protection for our portable consoles. We sourced materials and textiles that are hard wearing and water resistant to ensure the 3UP is able to take on our daily challenges.



We did extensive research regarding the optimal carry solution for the Nintendo Switch. With flexibility and variability in mind, we wanted every Villager to be able to carry their inventory without feeling over-encumbered.

The 3UP can be carried using a strap, lanyard of as a pouch. Regardless of how you choose to carry it, our internal pockets and padding system ensures your inventory stays in place, whether it be games, chargers, passports, wallets, keys or poké balls.