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February 27, 2018 1 min read

The Village craftsman shares the in’s and outs of creating the Villager Switch case....

Strangely, crafting a great bag has similarities to cooking a great meal. Before you start chopping you need to hunt out the perfect ingredients. And like picking a ripe tomato finding the perfect material requires you to use your senses. Walking through a fabric market is an overload of choice and you need a keen eye to spot the gems. Each potential fabric is poked and prodded to get a sense of texture, drape and hand-feel. There are important performance considerations to factor in but the subjective side of finding the right fabrics is an art in itself.

For our first Villager project we’ve been getting deep into early weaving. Going back to Babage and Jaquard we wanted to find the point where the origins of computing meet with advancements in weaving technology. Early fabric looms used a simple punch card form of binary to automate weaving and create grid patterns with ones and zeros. Watching fabric come off a Jaquard loom is almost like seeing a row of space invaders fall into place. It’s a small but amazing detail to link the modern technology of the Switch with the humble craft of weaving and sewing.
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