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January 23, 2018 2 min read

The Village craftsman shares the in’s and outs of creating the Villager / Switch case.

How to start a village.

As a product designer who’s spent the last ten-ish years designing bags, luggage and carry accessories I’m sometimes accused of being pedantic about packing. Whilst I’m not yet at SWAT team levels of organisation I am into being smart about how I commute and travel. I confess to packing my clothes into zip-up cubes, which I know isn’t for everyone. So when I witnessed a colleague carrying his brand new Nintendo Switch around in a hiking sock I was quietly outraged. Not sure if I was being overly sensitive, I kept my packing rage to myself.

Over the next month or so the sock shock stuck in the back of my head and I couldn’t help but search for what cool Switch carry options existed. It was around the same time I went for dinner with a couple of friends who are deep in the gaming world and thought they might have a recommendation. This question hit a nerve. As it turns out they had been suffering for years with a similar packing rage. Over a few more hours and a few more drinks the same questions kept coming up, why is there great carry gear for musicians, photographers and everyone else, but not for gamers?

That night we made the decision, we’d just have to create it ourselves, and Villager was formed. It’s now a few months later and we’re about to get our hands on the first prototype of our Switch case, designed from the ground up. Hopefully soon the socks can go back in the draw. 

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