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February 12, 2018 1 min read

We all wait for months to get our hands on the newest Zelda or Mario, but with all the hype around the bigger names you might have missed some heaps fun indie releases. When I started gaming you had to buy everything through games stores (well this is because I’m a wise old chief). Now days, online stores mean you can find so many more games and to be honest I’ve been loving some of the indie releases way more than the big name games. But with so many games available where do you start? Here’s my current top 3:

Stardew valley
I’m deep in this game! I can sit for hours and hours, just spending my days working on the farm. In it you play a city dweller that’s sick of the city life and moves to a farm, that’s it, the rest is up to you. Beware very addictive!

If you like a good spooky story go for this one. The graphics are amazing and the soundtrack pulls you in. It’s got a speedy storyline that you control, and it can be damn hard to decide what to say. But very worth it.

Night in the woods
In this game you play a cat called Mae, returning to a small hometown called Possum Springs but it’s not always sunny in Possum Springs. The graphics alone are enough to suck you in, but it also  has some quirky gameplay and a great story. Don’t want to say too much though, it’s up to you to get stuck into this one.


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